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Sudeten Rally 2022

through the eyes of Fídi Pér

Warning:the report may contain traces of sarcastic humor, grammatical chibi and will most certainly damage your brain function irreversibly.

I really didn't expect it this year...

2.1. In 2022, I am excitedly registering for RS, not knowing that there will be more than 30 of us (I really can't count anymore, some will come only for the pallets, some will only come as an escort, some will only come for a surprise and some will only come for the race...) and that too again with international participation.

This year I promise myself a lot of water, because a month ago I started eating less, exercising more, and I even managed to lose two kilos. In addition, I have a strategy with shorter cranksets - 117mm. Understand, absolute certainty for a better time. Asphalt sections and slopes simply make it possible.

On Thursday, the whole family packs up and in the afternoon we set off on a four-hour journey to Teplice nad Metují. We're driving in the dark, he's whining like a moron, Ofce fchipu is driving, but the lights are on naked, I can't see anything and I drive into every hole, of which there are fifteen, and curse at the bums. Despite the complications, we found the Bišík cottage and settled in.

In the morning we went to the Čápa (watchtower). I laugh so hard at this, because in the company with my colleague Velkovyvod, we have set units of scum - 1 Stork = scum. On the way, I am carried away by the little insects on the stones, which look like isopods, but they are not, because they only have 3 pairs of limbs. I'm taking pictures of them so I can use them for identification later.

In the afternoon, we go to the small square with Standa, Majda and Janko, who are already present, to prepare pallets and other obstacles for the future rampage. About 6 pallets fall on the route for beginners and we build the remaining 24 for Žtěpán, it's simply a monster. Gradually, familiar and unfamiliar faces arrive, we get to know each other, chat and ride. After almost two years, I finally meet Milan from Slovakia in person, he's a nice guy. Viola also came all the way from Germany, she brings with her a 26” with a schlumpf (gearbox), I try to ride it (on a unicycle, not Viola) and it makes me happy that I can do it and that it goes really fast. Zdenál brought the Huni Rex - a Hungarian unicycle driven by chains, it also drives insanely fast. It dawns on me again that I need to save up a quarter of a million to buy all the unicycles I want.

Just like the day before, I didn't sleep at all. The girls occupied the bigger bed, and Bart and I had 1.5 beds left. He thrashes around at night like a werewolf in heat, every time he kicked me he flew out of the taxi and hit his forehead on the plasterboard of the attic. In addition, there is a new one that didn't fit me at all and every now and then I roll over even without Bart's kicks.
Colleague Velkovývod (I'm a colleague of ArciZmrd, just so you know) should have also arrived, also in a complete pink sink with the hashtag #tvojebabamamalejpenis, balls and also with a stupid bobbed hairdo to make a real shame, but he gave up because of the weather, which in the end came out on top .
I also put on my knee pads, because I fell on them during the race the other day. I have a backpack, drink, tools, glue, a pump and all the necessary things ready and we can start. They all pile up at the back of the pack of racers. So there are a lot of us, two years ago there were two, and today there are over thirty of us.


The entire peloton and unipeloton are slowly starting up. Faster runners are pushing forward and I won't see them for the whole race. On the tarmac, I enjoy the crowds of fans cheering. I'm still going down the hill in a group and at quite a leisurely pace. When climbing, I monitor my heart rate and pace so that I keep pedaling and don't freeze like last year. This year, I managed to ride about 80% of the hill, I pushed too much and rested strategically. In the upper part, I am having fun with a couple of runners who are accompanied by the dog Björn. I like it and I'm thinking that next year Žofka, whom I pass by the cottages on the hill, will run with the seed. They came to cheer me on, Žofka is barking like a crazy diva won't tear the tree she is tied to. Here I have to say that she has run over 1500 km with my unicycle, she still enjoys it and gets really excited when she sees a cyclist driving. In short, the best fan.
I reach Zdenála, we drive together for a while and chat, then a slight hill comes down, and even though I've lost a whole two kilos, I'm still fat enough to drive downhill fast.

I think to myself how awfully good I am this year, that last year I got bogged down on the hill and had to cool down and refresh myself for a long time at the top, this year Jax didn't even get booed by the crowd and I'm still riding my pace. I also think I could put it under 3 hours.

I drive Majora, we also drive quite a distance together and chat. By default, he documents everything on his phone. Then comes the part where I think the short cranks will be the biggest advantage here, asphalt down perhaps a kilometer. I let it go with a fat-ass sprint at around 25km/h. Nothing to pay, Major caught me up to the next hill again. I'm slowly catching up to Marcel too, it's really unbelievable that he's driving on his 20" and at such a brutal pace. It's also unbelievable that I'm almost halfway through the route. The straights and asphalt follow, I drive fast, I drink using the method I have already learned - I breathe through my nose and swallow small sips. I have experienced that when I drink a lot, I inhale it. I'm drinking a gel, that's what Jax used last year, so that I don't gain weight again.

I pass Oleg on the gravel, exactly where I passed Marián last year - he has an excellent kettle this year, so I won't even watch him the whole race. We push, push and Petr Kořínek pushes in front of us. I think to myself, how am I going to get him here and that it is impossible that he is going so fast. Whereupon Kořen mounts the hill and disappears around a bend. If it's possible, I get on too, I pass Oleg, but I don't manage to catch up with Petr for another 5 kilometers. I tighten it before the snack bar, HA! I'm so happy and I'm laughing out loud that Jax has finally caught up with him.
But Kořen doesn't stop at refreshments and keeps going. I want it, I want to breathe a little. So I stop and ask for half a banana, I don't want to be too fat. The crew consists mainly of the fairer sex. They praise my pink accessories, I brag that I have everything pink, after which the ladies ask if I have pink shorts as well, so I point out that I don't have any, that I only have embarrassing black cycling diapers. They're offering me a pink hollyhock, it's beautiful. I continue to educate them on unicycles about sizes, types, tyres, gearboxes, crickets and so on in general.
I set off and in the distance on the hill I can still see Kořen flashing, I surprisingly climb the first part of the hill up to the puddle and confirm how the present Fíďa is much better than the last one.
In terms of time, it still seems to me that it could be done under 3 hours. Don't particularly kill my legs or lungs.

Hill, meadow, forest, rubble, roots and so on.
Then there is a part that I remember very well from last year, you drive on the asphalt quite a bit through the cottages. Last year, my legs were pretty stiff here and I couldn't do it anymore, and some stinging bugger came flying out of the blue, landed right in my hand, I wonder if I didn't breathe it in and punch me in the lip. After which I hysterically started slapping myself through the celey xicht to neutralize that xindle, but he was holding on and wanted to poke me in the mouth even more. However, I didn't find out what it was, the taxi, thanks to my bad reactions to insect stings, started to get depressed that I was going to die on the track from bee/wasp/hornet venom. A swollen croup, a tired body, a swollen stomach, a heart pumping poison into the veins, it's clear, I won't be able to breathe and I'm going to the RS with a unicycle in my hand, because there's another hill I won't ride. Spoiler: I finally made it and survived.
I remember that part very well!

I can ride almost the entire asphalt hill, HA!, I was simply better than you last time, Fíďo, and besides, I didn't get punctured here.
The forest part begins, you eat with yourself. The hardest part of the track begins, on the short bends I really push it even harder and after 4 falls I give up and push all the way to the stream. In front of me, I also meet mother Zesin. The son, about eleven years old, pushes the bike in a fit of crying and anger, and every moment he falls under it and curses even more. I reassure him with a few kind words that he's a dude, if he's made it this far, that he'll make it, after all, it's not too far to the finish line, while patting myself on the shoulders with a giant noble character.

Further through the forest I still push most of the way and it is already clear to me that I have no chance under 3 hours. Tag at least to have a few minutes better time than last year.
I'd rather get off the road and drive the rest. Just before the park, you have to cross the road from the sidewalk, just beyond the sidewalk there is a big hole, I stare at it and wonder how I will get through it. I flew like superman, but my legs didn't come out of the saddle. The watchful organizers just complain, so I reassure them that it was on purpose.
In the park, when I'm already chewed up like a pom-pom, should I still zigzag on the grass? What I have left, I zigzag.
At the finish line, almost all the unicyclists are cheering for me, someone is shouting for me to sprint because Jax says so. So, full of euphoria, I spin my legs once more and that's it.
I'm getting a pink boyfriend, that's the best aquarius, pink. I'm still posing for photographers, as I lick the printed egg under my neck and lick the pink boy.

...I really didn't expect it this year.

Last year I arrived fully prepared, this year not so much, the taxi promises to speed up compared to last year. Fatigue only affects me in the evening, then on Sunday and then on Monday, in the end it turns out that it has affected me much more than last year.
I look at the results and compare them.
Oh dude! Last Fídů a rascal! He was 3 minutes faster.
Screw the training, screw the weight loss, screw the short push-ups, screw the results, eat yourself.

In retrospect, I ponder where and what could have been different, I don't see.
Maybe a combination of mud and short cranks. The checker would have to drive it maybe twenty times a year in order to be able to retrospectively accurately evaluate where and how it is as quickly and efficiently as possible. And I'm not much of a speculator.

I congratulate the winners, I wish them their form and kettle and when I grow up I want to be like them.

Overall I enjoyed it again, it was fun racing against the last Fiji. Even though I don't like the imaginary comparison of piñďours with others, it is still fun to see other riders on the track and race.
The best thing about all of this is that so many of us gathered, we greeted each other, chatted, exchanged experiences and in turn brought this sport, which is marginal for some, but absolutely dear to us, a little more to the general public.

We'll see you again at RS in a year, and maybe the future Fíďa will be more successful.

So thumbs up, see you at the next event.



Report Looking at the winner of Milan

So please allow my point of view.
First of all, I was very happy that we would meet in such large numbers. The happy feelings just before my arrival were somewhat shattered by the weather forecast, but not so much when we were supposed to be on the track, but rather during the journey. Fortunately, the weather was beautiful. I didn't get wet once. Even after arriving in Košice, it was pouring, but it stopped for about 30 minutes, which I used to move home. This year, I really didn't hope that I would be able to place in the first ranks. I had this feeling even after the start until the meadow behind the first asphalt climb. Then it looked promising, but all it took was a hesitation, a mistake or a fall and everything could have been different. The disadvantage of the first rider is that he cannot determine his speed, because he does not know who will catch up with him and how quickly. From my point of view, it is better to catch up to someone than to be ahead. During the course, I kept repeating in my head that I am not on a trip and I have to keep a higher pace if I want to keep the position. But the motivation was lost when I didn't see any of you behind me. It was a battle in my head. I didn't go all out the whole time, I'm not that type. As for the track, the hills are not a problem for me and the surface was almost not technically demanding, that is, if I don't count the second forest part, which I walked half of and a few meters in the first forest part, but it was nice to go down. I didn't ride the unicycle much during the season. My wife has long working hours, I tried to spend weekends with my family, work also requires time, so I took a few trips on the 29th, but they were really trips. No training. The environment where I live is hilly. I attribute a lot of credit to this, that the hills, even the long ones, are not a problem for me. But, of course, not at the crazy pace set by Honza, Petr, Marek and the others at the race...
I hope I didn't piss anyone off, that I won :) and that we will meet again in a year. You are great. Nice to meet you in person.

Kořínka's reportage

1. Start

I'm aiming for a time under 4 hours. Compared to last year, I am starting on the first attempt. I manage the right-hand turn OK and I didn't run over Björn the dog. The verbal support of the audience and their applause makes me euphoric. I like singing. I remember "It's a long way to Tipperary". This military march matches the rhythm of my pedaling. 

2. Teplicemi straight

I keep singing to myself and the worm in my head doesn't want to go away.

At the post office, I stick out my tongue and start drawing air into my lungs from deep.

3. Ascent to Bischofstein

I start the climb and try to save my thighs. I watch the force of the engagement, I don't want to accelerate up the hill. With my chosen frequency, I am quickly matched with one of the female runners. I slow down a bit and hold on to her back so I don't whistle directly into her ear. I still have no idea how his presence will affect my course of the race.

I overtake Fiji. They report that I have been secretly training. I answer that yes, but I also contradict and add that not secretly, but publicly.

On the longest straight part of the climb before the right turn I fall. That didn't happen to me during training. I guess I didn't warm up enough.

I fall for the second time in the last switchback. A cyclist ironically asks me how many more times I intend to overtake him.

I arrived at the top. At the turn, I always leaned the pinball on the bench in training and drank. I skip drinking today at this private check-point of mine, my legs are working after the climb and so I start racing.

4. To the Stork

I see Marcel, Oleg, Marian. That motivates me.

I stop below Cápe on the climb and drink for the first time.

I start it uphill and the water is pressing in my stomach. On the meadow, the unpleasant feeling disappears and I overtake Marcel. I give him princely advice to get a brake.

5. Fox saddle

I made the descent without falling. I calm down on the asphalt. An asphalt road through the forest begins. I managed to climb the initial steep climb once in training. I'm doing well this time too. I see Oleg and a runner in a pink jersey in front of me. I slowly retreat up the hill. The girl took a step down the hill and I can't get close to her.

End of asphalt. The logging road is more or less mud-free. I manage to avoid puddles.

At the first ridge across the road I jump off and push. As I walk, it occurs to me that on my left hand, somewhere on the hillside, there is a spring of Metuje, and thus I have an association with thirst.

I hear Marian behind me. I turn around and he asks me for a selfie. We take pictures. 

After the fourth rut, I jump on and grind it uphill along the forest. I'm running to Marian. At the end of the climb, I reach Oleg.

6. Radish

I enter the forest path as the first of the currently established trio. I lead the bike over the roots on the descent. Marian and Oleg go ahead. I drive a bit, I walk the more difficult sections through the forest.  Oleg and I go to the cottages in Adršpach together. Marian, with his cyclocross style, gave us about 200 meters and I see him in the race for the last time.

I sense a blonde runner with pigtails somewhere in front of me and I suggest Oleg to catch up with her. I say it a little more popularly. Oleg accepts this slightly misogynistic remark.

7. To Horní Adršpach

The road rises slightly. Oleg is driving ahead and we don't see anyone. Suddenly Oleg's pace doesn't suit me. I try to encourage him with the Tipperary song and go ahead of him. I don't turn and pedal.

8. Cows

I reached the cows. Above, I see a female runner and some cyclists. Lunch was planned here. I'm jumping off. I leave the rolls with tatranka in my backpack and only hit my head with a banana while walking uphill at a faster pace. I drink a banana on the flat part, jump and after 20 meters I fall into a puddle. I'm turning around. Ten meters behind me, Oleg is having a friendly conversation with Fída.

9. On Libna

With Fída on my back, I pedal the long climb up to Libná along the gravel road. The legs are holding, the lactic acid is still nowhere. I successfully reach the meadow turn. I've never been able to do it. After the previous passes of several hundred cyclists, the way up is like a threshing floor. I rode it without falling. I give myself a virtual pat on the back and continue with a good feeling.

10. To Zdoňov

No one will change, no one will change. Even the sheepdog doesn't bark today. I try to brake as little as possible on the descent. After successfully wading through puddles, I see a female runner in front of Zdoňov. I increase the effort. However, I immediately fall on the rutted muddy section. Those who want more have nothing.

11. To Beech Mountain

I'm passing refreshments. I would have appreciated it last year. This year I despise, I'm 100% in the race and I'm going ahead of the female runner. The ego is satisfied. I estimate that the girl has to keep the speed around 50 minutes for 10 km. Hats off to this profile. I used to run 10 km, but I didn't get under 42 minutes, and that was even on the route in the Polabská lowland.

I climb the same as in training. I hesitate once, but jump right in.

I push a pin from a large puddle to two birch trees, drink, push a second banana into my head. The girl takes back her previous position. Ego suffered. I remembered Petr Ejem's story and his motivation with the Italian woman. At the birches, I turn my head over my shoulder and see a "pink mirage" approaching (creeping?) in the distance, I jump on and with the utmost effort set out to chase the runner. I manage to do that on the descent to Horní Teplice, especially not to fall, that would be embarrassing, ... and I definitely leave it behind.

12. Around Lysý vrch.

I can already feel my legs getting tired before the climb after Horní Teplice.

I lead the root and the stony path. I think about time. I had it scheduled for about 3:40.

I curse the organizers for this section. For the umpteenth time.

I cross the meadow around the Metuje hotel and run down to the swimming pool. I keep thinking about time.

13. Target

I'm promoting Qeyron with white tapes and there's a finish line. Finally.  In the parking lot, I ask Sasha what time it is. I see 12:13 on his watch face.

I count the final time. An improvement of more than an hour compared to last year. I sit on the pallets and the good old endorphins are washed away. I feel satisfied. Reward paid for effort.

Report by Jirka Vosa

You wanted it, you got it. It's my first report in my life, so I hope it won't be completely boring. I was really looking forward to the Sudetenland and, given the difficulty, I approached the start of these races with great respect and tried to prepare as well as possible.


Together with the other unicyclists, we started behind all the cyclists, so it took a while before we started the race. We waited and I got on the bike and we set off. We drove through Teplice and in front of me is the first big climb. I tell myself that I have to drive sensibly, the race is long and I have to save my energy. On the climb, my legs suddenly spun and I went up very briskly. I'm quite surprised at how slow the cyclists are and sometimes they confuse me, but it was clear to me that I had to slow down. But the legs kept spinning and spinning and wouldn't stop. Only in the last third of the hill do I fall from exhaustion and think that I've done it well....l. I walk for a while, others overtake me, I try to get on and ride for a while and fall again and it happens again. On the third attempt, I am upstairs, where Dan was sitting with Mikuláš. I thought I'd stop for a moment, gather my strength and go on. But then I told myself that I'm running a race, so I'm not going to stop. I drove onto a broken forest road and it was quite difficult for me to stay on the wheel. In a moment I hit a rock, fall forward. Plech, driving behind me, playfully asks me if I'm "whole". I answer that yes, even though I beat myself up quite a bit. My knee pads came off, so I smashed my knees pretty badly, which hurt a lot. I walk a bit. Fanda and Oleg overtook me. I get on, follow them and the road finally goes down. I try to go down the hill with my mind and gain strength, but their pace seemed too slow, so I overtook them. I expected them to hang behind me and I would pull them, but after a while I look back and no one was there and I was driving alone. I told myself that if I kept my position, I would be happy at the finish line. Suddenly I started commuting to Honza K. st. and I overtook him in the asphalt section in the forest. And I finally started to feel good, except for the burning knees. I regretted the bad start and knew that the loss I had taken was beyond my power to make up. When I entered the technical forest section, it immediately slipped and I realized that the last practice session was on tarmac and I overinflated the tire. So I gave up all attempts to ride and walked down. That cost me the lead over Honza, but he went down really nicely. The flat section in Adršpach was approaching and I started to tactic and hung on to it. I had an energy bar and gel with me. I put my hand in my pocket and find that the gel leaked out when I fell, and I got my whole hand from it. Well, nothing, I put the glove in my pocket and take a stick. Suddenly I see the photographers (Monika and my daughters), I mask the stick and I feel a little sorry for my ride in the hook. In Adršpach, I ride on overinflated tires and it's great in the hook. When I turned onto the dirt road, I caught sight of Pavel, but he ran away from me again up the hill. Both Honza and I fell a few times on the climb, but I got away from him a bit on the descent. I try to climb the hill near the barking dog as high as possible, but I walk to the top. I get on and drive down with one unnecessary fall to Zdoňovo, where I catch up with Pavel at the refreshment station. I quickly rinse my sweet hand, have a drink, eat half a banana, and Pavle and I set off. Soon I'm going down an unpleasant hill. I try to go around the big puddle on the right, but soon I evaluate that it is better to walk the rest of the climb than to risk a bath and a long delay. A little below the summit I turn around and see that Honzo has drowned his unicycle in a puddle and that Fanda is starting to catch up with me. I'm a little unsure at the turn to Horní Teplice, if I haven't passed. But everything was well marked and I was briskly going down. I turn onto Borek and see two roller skaters above me (I didn't recognize who they were). I thought I'd take off and try to catch up with them, but I was already too tired. So I just looked down at the same spot and saw no one, which gave me peace. I followed the signs carefully in the forest section to make the right turn, but everything was marked perfectly. I walked the technical passage in the forest and when I got on the bike for a while, it rather delayed me, because the fatigue was already really great. In Teplice, I was surprised by a rather confusing slalom through the park. When I finally untangle myself, I hear the commentator pronounce my name a little garbled. The onlookers cheer me on and I gather the last remnants of strength to cross the finish line and it's over. The result is 15th place in the category, 14th among unicyclists with a time of 03:00:40:2


I admire those who have read this far, but it's not quite over yet!


On Monday around noon I felt a little nauseous (I won't specify). Well, I already had it confirmed in the evening. My friend Covid helped me along the way.

Through the eyes of Petr Ejem  ( 3rd place )

That's how I get to the report from RS. On Friday, we arrive at our accommodation at the same time as last year, but already after lunch, so that there is no need to wait three quarters of an hour for goulash and we can immediately go to inspect the track. Part of our expedition chooses a shorter tour around the rocks. I and the other group are going along the RS track, which we plan to cover in its entirety. Somewhere at the top of the hill, before climbing to the fork in the track, I fall slightly on my right knee, which starts to stab me like hell, I try to go on, but I can't even go down the whole hill, and I walk to the intersection on the hill. At the top of the hill I get on and carefully drive up to the section that was for climbing. Walking is even worse than driving and there we cross the road and go to Teplice along the path where we all meet.
When I talk to Míla, she says that this year it is not at all clear who will go to the box. At that moment, I expected that I would be happy if I could drive the entire track with him on that knee. I had adepts on the crate. Milan is always fast and will be now. Little Honza is faster up the hill than last year, and thanks to the T bar, he will also be faster on fast sections. Tomas was the next fastest for me. Marek can run a very fast race, and I expected Saša to start on the hill.
In the dark we drive to the hill where we live, the knee is holding up and he doesn't mind the performance if I don't have to maneuver, we arrive just before the rain except for Pavel who enjoyed the rain a little. 
In the morning we leave for the start in the opposite direction of the track down. The knee has improved a lot, so if I don't fall on it, hopefully it will work.
I start somewhere from our group of unicycles and set off as always at high revs to get ahead of Mark who will overtake me on the hill. Mark's number starts to rattle, nothing terrible, but it doesn't add to the peace of mind. 
I'm already going uphill and I'm waiting for someone to overtake me and there it is, it's a train of unicycles leading Honzo, followed by Milan, Tomáš and I think Marek, zigzagging between the cyclists and driving me away.
I don't set that pace and I don't even try to catch it. Somewhere in the middle of the hill, suddenly I'm riding with Ondřej and we're pulling each other, he gets on the last switchback and I calm down. When I reach the section where the hill is flat and I plan to accelerate, Ondřej dismounts and I pass him. I'm expecting someone else, for example Saša, who rode the hills great on Unicon. But this hill is less than 800m lower than in Grenoble, and Saša won't make it. At the end of the asphalt, I am being chased by a group of spectators, among whom was the director Hrdý Budžes, whom I met there when we were going down to the start (this fall, Hrdý Butžes will celebrate 20 years since its first release). Still on the dirt road between the cottages, I catch up with Marko and immediately fall twice, he overtakes me and I drive him all the way down the hill. I continue to drive alone and try to drive calmly without falling. The ascent to the off-road descent is purely technical and it is one of the segments where I am faster than last year. Immediately after turning onto the descent, I fall, pull myself together and continue down, where I jump off on the last roots. I continue past Adršpach and drive alone again. On the next climb, I pass two girls and I'm about to hit a little boy, I leave the tracks and fall. Before I can get on, both girls pass me. Everything was successful again, but what was the cost. I reach a steep climb, which I plan to climb, I turn around and expect Marko behind me, but Ondřej is there   so I have to add. I arrive for refreshments and take a banana, water and climb further up the hill. I see Tomáš in the distance and catch up with him. 
I find out that he is riding a cricket and is struggling. I arrive at a large puddle and drive through, after the night's rain it's a bit deeper than I expected and I scoop up the muddy water into the disc, which rattles for some time before it slows down. I ride with Tomáš and he chirps even in sections where I wouldn't have thought of it. I'm already driving alone at the crossroads. I arrive at the walking section and remember my knee, which does not suit walking at all. On the descent over stones in the forest, I manage to fall one more time on my left knee, which doesn't mind at all and hurries to the finish line. 
The final twist and finish where I meet Honza first and he informs me that I am third and he is second and Milan won.
I am glad that I finished and, considering the situation from the previous day, unexpectedly well.
The weather also worked out, everyone got together after some time and gained energy and inspiration for the next one-wheelers.😁

Jan Kořenský junior (2nd place)

My report 😉: I admit that I wanted to win this year. Since I didn't know how Milan was doing, I was a little stressed. I had devised a tactic to ride the first hill, hold on to the finish line and win. It seems simple, but it's harder to do. In that first hill, only Milan kept me, Tomáš under-inflated his pin at the top and thus lost a lot. I thought that I would also pass Milan in the descent, but the opposite was true, he passed me. About 200 meters. And that's how I saw him in front of me all the way to the snack bar. Then he started to increase his lead and to top it off I fell into a puddle. I knew for the rest of the race that I was running second and that I couldn't make a mistake because the gold was still up for grabs, or so I thought. Down the hill behind the snack bar logically followed the descent, and there the chance to win was lost in infinity. But I was still working because I didn't know how far someone third was behind me. I overtook a biker up the last hill and he cheered me on, that gave me a kick. I think I ran the walking passage quite quickly, I'm used to running from cyclocross, I just needed to throw the pin on my shoulder. When I saw the park with a mess, I was beyond happy that the goal was approaching. In the end I was   glad for second place. I waited for a while at the finish line and when I saw that Petr Ejem emerged as third, I was happy that he defended his third position from last year. I will have to prepare more for next year, this year I drove only 500 km and mostly on asphalt, so the technique was a problem for me. You all drove great, but I appreciate Tomáš's performance on the freewheel.

Jan Kořenský senior 

I am not a writer, but I will also try to convey my feelings about this year's Rally Sudeten:
Since the beginning of the year, I have been watching in the group how the number of registered unicycles for this year's race is increasing. It's great that there are so many crazy people who want to give it a go. During the year, the young man and I talked about how we would train the technique from the spring, so that we wouldn't lose so much to 100% unery... Of course, time flew by and we didn't even ride half of what we did last year. At least we had two preparatory races in the south of Bohemia. Unfortunately, I am not a worthy opponent for the young man, so Petr Ejem, Pavel Šimek, Tomáš and then also Tomáš, Honza and Fíďa made me happy that they also arrived at these races. I went to the Sudetenland with different ambitions than junior. While he wants to win, I care about the standings and I just want to set a better time than last year. I have shorter cranks (125mm) and I inflated instead of 1 atmosphere to 1.5, so it must work.... After the start on the flat, I try to go fast, mainly so as not to slap myself. Fíď also rushed past me, saying that since he had lost weight, he was completely flying. I'm going up the hill at a slower pace so that I can take it on the shorter bends. I was a little surprised that I had to overtake a lot of bikers as well. About 2/3 of the way up the hill, I had a collision with the biker and had to jump off. I push a bit and on a gentler slope I get on and drive on. I also managed to cross the boulders at Čápa and fell only a short distance behind them. I can't ride up a hill, so I walk to the top. The meadow above was fine, breathing fine, so I think I could spin it... Of course, only as much as my head would allow. Jirka Vosa ran over me on the long descent on the asphalt. I didn't accept his points, I'm already old and decrepit. But I can go up the hill on the asphalt quite calmly, so I hope I haven't lost much. The first technical descent pleasantly surprised me. Although I fell right at the beginning, but then I got back on and I finished the rest. This put me in front of Jirka V again. From that moment on, he was breathing on my back for quite some time and I just kept repeating to myself so as not to fall unnecessarily. That didn't quite work out, so after a while he got in front of me again and even completely disappeared from my sight. Just before refreshments, I splashed into a beautiful patch of mud and Franto S drove past me. He encouraged me to get on and ride with him. Mounted on about the third attempt, so Fanda is gone. Physically, I'm quite fine, so I'll just take a drink while driving and drive on. I rode the pace on the hill, so I got ahead of Franta and I can even see Jirka Vosa. But there is a giant lake between me and Jirka all the way. I assess the situation so that if it is not possible to go around it, then I will try it in the middle and hopefully it will not be deep.... mistake, I took a complete bath in the middle of the lake. I walk the rest of the hill, so Fanda is already ahead of me again. We will meet Fanda several more times on the walking sections, chat and look forward to the finish line. Just like last year, I didn't ride the last hill on the asphalt and couldn't find a place to mount, so I'm walking again. I have already completed the final off-road passage in the forest without thinking about mounting. I solved the hole before crossing into the park by leaning on a pillar. But the first turn in the park and another unnecessary fall. I get on and behind me I already see Marian approaching. Now I can't fall anymore or I'll be jerked again... Finally it worked and I kept him close behind me until the finish line. Partial satisfaction, I had a great time, I wasn't as bad as last year, but the time of 3:03 was the same as last year for a minute... So shorter push-ups, more pressure and zero improvement 😂. Nothing can be done, we have to go again next year. I wonder how many of us will be there. Maybe the 33km category will be only for unicycles 😂😄🖐️

Ondřej Blahovec

So I'm joining too. 
I got up at 3:30 to get to the race site after four hours of all kinds of road tricks😂 I poured myself redbull before the start to mobilize myself. The start was an experience and shortly after the start, Pavel told me when I passed him, it crunches a bit and it really started to crunch in the bearing. I thought... maybe I'll make it to the finish line.  After climbing the last switchback, I realized that redbull before the start was not the best idea and I had to walk the final climb.
I've been looking for a pace for a long time. I managed to reach the road from Ádro to Horní Adršpach and I started to catch up with Peter. On the way past the cows, I kept hanging around two cyclists who had children, but they were going so fast that I had to follow them on foot. Just before Zdoňov, my heel loosened, so I tightened it in the middle of the run and continued to the refreshment station. Before the race I told myself that I would pass her and not stop... haha, unfortunately I stopped and took advantage of the hospitality here. After leaving, I looked to see where Petr was and he was already in a small puddle by the big puddle he took to the drain😂 
After a while I was at the puddle too. The cyclist who was riding behind me asked me if I was going to take a bath. I answer that I don't have a swimsuit and the water doesn't really appeal to me. After the puddle, I decided that I wouldn't be able to beat Peter anymore, because he set the pace. This was followed by a descent on the asphalt to Horní Teplice, and there was no trace of Petrovy there, but I caught up with Tomáš again. 
We rode together for a while and chatted up to the forest trail, there I admired how smooth Tom's freewheel ride was and how he whizzed through the forest trail as if it was nothing.  Slalom followed  in the park in Teplice... I was already on the brakes and made it to the finish line 😉

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