Rough info about what it's all about:

On Friday 10.6. 2022 the third year will start -
PURECUP2022 and will end on Sunday 12.6. after a morning ride.

This event is primarily intended for unicyclists and unicyclists of all sizes, ages and experience and specializations. I want everyone to enjoy it, so we'll go through all the unicycle industries, starting with the off-road ride and the race that combines XC (crosscountry) and DH (downhill). In addition, there will be various obstacles to trial matters, which will eventually serve as a skill route. . We will also play unibasket and measure our high and long jump skills.
During the day, unicycle games will be prepared for children and adults.
There will be a TRIAL zone and a CHILL zone in the area throughout Saturday.

TRIAL zone
Pallets, building materials, tools, fasteners and other obstacles will be available here.
It will be up to you how difficult it will be for you (:

CHILL zone
A corner that will offer you active relaxation in the form of slackline, rolo-bolo, juggling balls,
clubs and other toys.


Accommodation - SOKOLOVNA
In Nezvěstice - the exact location is in the MAPS section.
  There are toilets and showers in Sokolovna.
Take mats / mattresses and sleeping bags for sleeping.

It is a short walk from Sokolovna. Saturday's program will take place there right after the race.
There are also toilets and showers on the playground.

This year I will only arrange breakfast on Saturday and Sunday!
If you know you are still hungry, pack cutlets and large snacks.
However, in Nezvěstice, a few meters from Sokolovna, there is a kebab and two convenience stores.
They also make food delivery (PIZZA) from Chválenice (the village next door) - we can make a bulk order in the evening.

Bring a small and a large unicycle with you.


People under the age of 18 will need a helmet on the track and obstacles.

I know most of you in person or online. And he who does not know me will meet. I just mean you don't have to be afraid of me, I don't bite. If you have any questions don't be afraid to write me either on Facebook, Whatsapp, e-mail or call me (:
This year I have a reinforcement, Plecha and Erika. So turn your attention to them as well.
We look forward to you,
organizing team - Fíďa, Plech and Erika.
Sorry for english, I use google translate.

And that's about it, come and taste the local nature and mini-breweries.