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Rough info on what it's all about:

On Friday 9.6. 2023 the fourth year will begin -
PURECUP2023 and will end on Sunday 11.6. after a morning drive.

This event is primarily intended for unicyclists of all sizes, ages, experience and focus. The goal is to meet, get to know each other and create new friendships. 
There will be an XC ride, followed by an XC race with DH elements, a high jump, interesting timing on the circuit and, last but not least, uni games
There will be a TRIAL zone and a CHILL zone in the area all Saturday.

This year we have the same race as last year. Cross country circuit for 10 km.
It will be marked with yellow arrows.

Race Rules:
Each participant is required  to wear a helmet. Running is forbiden. Dogs are allowed.

TRIAL zone
Pallets, building materials, tools, fasteners and other obstacles will be available here.
Build a trial park as you wish ( :

TRIAL zone rules:
Every jumper is required to wear a helmet.

CHILL zone
A corner that offers you active rest in the form of a slackline, rolo-bolo, juggling balls and other toys.


As every year, a gym with a large garden will be available in Nezvěstice - the exact location is in the MAPS section.  The gym, toilets, showers and pub are under one roof.
Take sleeping mats/mattresses, sleeping bags or even a tent (only those who want to) for the night.

It's a short walk from the gym. It will host the Saturday program right after the races.
There are also toilets and showers on the playground.

Take your own food.

Take a small and large unicycle with you.



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